Form alone, even though totally abstract and geometrical, has a power of inner suggestion.  A triangle has a spiritual value of its own.  In connection with other forms, this value may be somewhat modified, but remains in quality the same.  The case is similar with a circle, a square, or any conceivable geometrical figure…we have here a subjective substance in an objective shell.

The mutual influence of form and colour now becomes clear.  A yellow triangle, a blue circle, a green square, or a green triangle, a yellow circle, a blue square – all these are different and have different spiritual values.”

 Wassily Kandinsky, “Concerning the Spiritual in Art,” The Language of Form and Colour. Dover Publications, New York, 1977.


Waclaw Sierpinski, 1915

The Sierpinski Triangle is a fractal construction: the image is self-similar and therefore similar at any point, by magnification or reduction, regardless of scale.


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