Please view the map for a general idea of our project;

for further details, see summary, taxonomy, and characteristics.

To participate in the mapping project, send an email with an attachment.

the email contains 4 items:

  • indicate the specific geometric dimension you assign to the media using this notation: ( 0 ), ( i ), ( ii ), ( iii ), ( iv ), ( v )
  • include a short title (several words)
  • include a longer caption, relevant to the media and geometric dimension
  • attribute sources of media, including yourself, if you wish acknowledgement

attachments:  Files can be no larger than 10MB.  We especially look for unusual and poetic juxtapositions of text and image but would also like to include any sound or film pieces.  Images must be jpg or png.

attribution:  If you are submitting original media, please include your name.  If borrowed, the work must be free of any copyright restrictions and belong to the Public Domain.  It is the responsibility of the contributor to obtain any rights.  See below for details about what constitutes the Fair Use Doctrine and “standards of practice.”


standards of practice:

Even though we believe that all sources in this website should be allowable under the Fair Use Doctrine since it is educational, benefits the public, and each borrowed source is limited and reasonable, does not interfere with owners’ rights, or impede their right to do with the work as they wish, only material that is original or Public Domain and free of copyright restrictions can be allowed to form the map; further, faithful reproductions of two-dimensional public domain works of art are also public domain and claims to the contrary represent an assault on the very concept of a public domain.  All original and borrowed sources must be attributed to the author or artist.  We encourage contributors to be as detailed as possible, not only in terms of identifying sources, but also as a means to enhance their personal selections, effectively increasing the map’s complexity. 

Please note that theanalyticpoem makes no representations or warranties that the use of the media (journal, text, image, sound, music) in the website will not violate rights that persons or entities other than this website may have under the law of various countries.  Permission to utilize media from contributors does not purport to convey any rights which the artist, his or her agent, estate or any other party may retain in the underlying work(s) of art.  Contributors are responsible for obtaining authorization from the copyright holder, if any, as required by law. 


Contributing artists are acknowledged for their individual work as these collaborations are essential to the overall project.  Except where specifically noted, all other website pages, art, and articles in theanalyticpoem are copyright Steve Deihl, 2013.


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