( v+ ) dimension characteristics

v+)   multi-dimensional network: membrane

geometry:  An extension of prior networks consisting of myriad cognitive nodes, folded and packed into an edgeless density.  This hypergeometry has unknown formal rules and construction, but is assumed to consist of multispatial and polytemporal features resulting from transparent vertices.  These additional dimensional units are undetected, existing as interstitial projections.  The v+ network is a metaphor for transcendental (a priori) states: a compression of multiple worlds no longer containing any unique identities, the membrane emerging as a new singularity beyond all previous experiences.


 the whole is greater than the sum of its parts

v+)         density characteristics                                 _____________________________ 

key attribute:         projection

affinities:                  ubiquity                                                      manifestgenerality

evolve and          release         slipstream synesthsia                  finalclarity


fusion                                    entanglement

tachyon         tesseract

                                    hive                  anamorph         wormhole

                           more                                                                        heuristic


                                                                               yet stochastic

                                    transference         metabole

return                  rappel         rappeler         se rappeler

                           beyond                                                               l‘Au-delà

film                  sheen                  stack

float, vapor, veil

portal                                    gateway

fall                   infall         involute

les sources                                                       crepuscule

verisimility                  virtual

sentience:  visual, auditory, tactile, olfactory, taste

extra-:  telepathy, telekinesis, clairvoyance, others


                                                               distortionclarity                  epiphany


envelope                                             architecture

outlier             broken symmetry                  separate


degrees of freedom

plexus                             Oort cloud                            of possibiliites

continuity                           transhuman

transfinite transcendent         transmigration      transmutation               gestalt

absolute eternal universal                   over and over and over


completion what is sufficient


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