( iv ) dimension characteristics

iv)       four dimensional network:  world                                  _____________________

geometry:  Space and time comprise the foundation of our world, operating together as matter and memory to define all things, places, and events. This four-dimensional structure allows moment and eternity, presence and absence.


transformations: Lorentz______________________________________________________

Relativity Note:  According to Einstein, because the speed of light is constant (c = speed of light = 299,792,458 meters per second), in a moving frame of reference, objects with near-light speeds will undergo transformations:



iv)       ability characteristics                                         ____________________________

key attribute:         foundation

affinities:                           synthesis

achievement                  capacity         containment


deploy         the mental and physical

where and when

here and there, now and then

deduction  conclusion

make          bend  draft          design  construct   do and undo

portage flight         vector         bolt

flavor                  power                                powersource  powerspace

tide          interval          ever                                              control

                                                                        intend evoke intention

                           symphony                    launch sonic

                                    trajectory                                  voyage

vault                  charge         progression                  parkour


                                                                                 reserve         re-serve

know         acknowledge

feel         intensity         figure

                                    artifact         plasma

H1 : Hippocampus: inorganic memory, temporal, mind, spirit

H2 : Hippocampus: organic spatial, extant, body, definition

remnant, the relic:

HII : 21 centimeter wavelength interstellar Hydrogen

meeting                                                      timeout/timein

advance         further         next

dodge                           action         move                  activate         resolve

basis         allowance


is and was

all or nothing

endurance         duration         and span


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the map – fourth dimension



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