( iii ) dimension characteristics


iii)       three dimensional network:  volume                           ______________________

geometry:  Multiple intersecting planes connect in space to form a volume.  When planes intersect, they form another line; two or more planes can also connect by the creation of new external edges between them.  Intersecting edges in turn create new vertices and the groups of formerly separate associations become integrated as an aggregate mass. This unity is a wholly formed concept with no limits in space.


transformations:  dilation_____________________________________________________

A dilation is a type of geometric transformation whose pre-image and image are similar, i.e., all angles are congruent to each other and the corresponding sides are in proportion.  A constant ratio, k > 1 will increase the distances between points and if 0 < k < 1, then the image will decrease.  Dilation is not an isometry.

iii)       unity characteristics____________________________________________________

key attribute:         summation         

affinities:                                             solid                   object

gain                                                       in kind

together                                                      beam

concurrence                            cohesion

about  through           over and under

roll pitch yaw


structure          analysis                                                      enterprise

spherical                   construction

plastic                                                      packed cluster


spring  coil  load

helix: A, G, T, C

                           pyramidal                           prismatic                            cylindrical

radiant effulgent

flux:         gamma, X, ultraviolet, visible light:

(violet, blue, cyan, green, yellow, orange, red these all white)

then infrared, micro, and radio

mesh trap cage

                                                         rove meander

wonder wander





equanimity                            assurance

joined                                             bonded and braided

shifted horizons

concord          harmony          fellowship




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