( i ) dimension characteristics

i)       one dimensional network:  line___________________________________________

geometry:    Two points, A and B, connect to form a line, which can extend to infinity.  This basic network structure of a single edge and two vertices forms a duality relationship between the separate entities, connecting them via a symmetric property of equivalence:  If A = B, then B = A.


transformations: line reflections_______________________________________________

A Line Reflection is a type of geometric transformation that maps any object, given by its individual components or coordinates, across any line.  In effect, the object is flipped and the image is symmetric to the pre-image, essentially reversing its orientation.

This transformation is an isometry – the distance between points is preserved:

The distance from A to B to C is the same as from A’ to B’ to C’ and

A to line m is the same distance as its reflection, line m to A’


i)       duality characteristics                                   ________________________________

key attribute:         relation

affinities:                  me/other                  not necessarily oppositional                  we are

contact           exchange/compare/contrast         division         duad

                           elastic                  fusion                    linear                  attenuated         dependent/reliant

call and response                               give and take

bridge path causeway conjunction transit                  beam

islands                                             disjunction         attenuate

symmetry mirror palindrome                  hypothesis/conclusion

dichotomy: is/is not                           phenemenon/noumenon

light/dark, good/evil, on/off, inside/outside, me/other, warp/weft,    row/column, concrete/abstract, attraction/repulsion, purge/enable, speakable/unspeakable, coupled/decoupled, post/lintel, empty/full, male/female, stop/go, pain/pleasure, known/unknown, always/never, continuous/discontinuous, real/unreal, transparent/opaque, micro/macro, crescendo/diminuendo, dependent/independent

space/time/matter/memory, go or no-go

binary:  0/1

parity:  odd/even

chirality:  left/right

cartesian: horizontal/vertical                          

quark:  up/down, top/bottom, charm/strange

fabric: smooth/lumpy

dilemma:  yes/no

position: symmetry/asymmetry, horizontal/vertical

orientation:  clockwise/counterclockwise

coincidence: parallel/intersecting

polarity:  plus/minus

force:  action/reaction

transmission: particle/wave

uncertainty: momentum/position

substance:  matter/antimatter

process:  body/mind

impulse: id/ego

structure:  order/chaos

transformation:  pre-image/image

antipodes:  apex/nadir

proximity:  near/far, here/there

state of mind: lucid/trance




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