( 0 ) dimension characteristics

0)   zero dimensional network:  point                           ___________________________

geometry:  Given A, a singular point, the unit network establishes a geometric identity exhibiting the mathematical reflexive property of equivalence, A = A.  The attribute of this identity is a self-aware state, perception.  Point A is defined as a vertex.


transformations: point reflections______________________________________________

A Point Reflection is a type of geometric transformation that maps any object, given by its individual components or coordinates, through a single point.  In effect, the object is squeezed into a singularity and turned as it exits the other side, like a double vortex.

This type of reflection is equivalent to a rotation of 180 degrees.

The transformation is an isometry – the distance among points is preserved:

i.e., A to P is the same distance as its reflection, P to A’


0)  identity characteristics                                         ______________________________

key attribute:         perception


origin                  position                                     singularity

presence                  i am                  me innerman         single

sui generus

spring                  source                             origin

entity         persona                           personal                  name

pre-concept                  pre-image                  subject

prime                  first                  only                  prototype                  modulus

independent        heart energy


less                                              smidgen                   non none

node                  unit                                    monad                            element

increment                   interval

symbol                                             structure

pixel         dart         mark                  cipher                           key

disambiguation                                                      motif

clear                                 vacuum

moment                  silence         neverness                                               always

urge                                                                                  emergence

constancy and constants                   solo   core   tone

tzimtzum razzle

certainty                                                                         belief

revelation            variations

premise  quantumfluctuations


within                                                                                        inception what is necessary



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